Sunday, July 18, 2010


Two more forests done... Here's a sneak peek! You can purchase (for a resonable rate) at Evermore Nevermore: the COOLEST store in Mesa!


inge said...

Hello Judy,

nice mysterious background ( how did you achieve this ? ) I also like the tree with the fine branches.

greetings from Belgium

JWood said...

Thanks Inge! This is a new layer process I'm working on, my own creation. There's another darker forest on my blog. I'll post instructions soon!

AngieHallHaviland said...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous coloring!! I love it.

JWood said...

Forest Wood Panel Instructions

Step one: Paint one coat of matte medium with a bit of metallic paint preserving the wood grain of the panel. Today I used Halo Violet ~ Gold Lumiere by Jacquard. Let air dry (20-30 minutes depending on the humidity in your area).

Step two: Use Distress Inks to add darks, stay in the same color family, always preserving the wood grain. While still a bit tacky, use your dry pigments in the light areas of the wood panel. Today I used English Lavender by LuminArte. Occasionally I also use Distress Inks with a little embossing powder, just for dimension. Try this step on paper first to get the results you want.

Spray with workable fixative. Do this outside with plenty of ventilation.

Step three: Darken the darkest areas with charcoal. This step is optional, as charcoal can get messy.

Spray again with workable fixative (again outside with plenty of ventilation).

Step four: Use a black or deep color Prismacolor pencil to create your fine design work. For trees I often use Indigo Blue, Black, Black Grape, Cool Gray 90% Black Cherry, and Tuscan Red. These are the darkest colors and blend well together. Use a nicely sharpened pencil for fine lines, varying your pressure as you get higher into the tree branches.

Spray, this time with a matte finishing spray. This will seal and protect your work.

When you chose your artwork, look for subject matter that works well in silhouette.

Since I’ve been doing forests, I like to listen to soft instrumental music. I have a few favorites: Fairy of the Wood and Fairy Night Songs both by Gary Stadler, I also enjoy “Music from a Farther Room” by Lucia Micarelli, and “Violin for Anne Rice”. If you have a favorite instrumental (or two) feel free to post on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.

inge said...

Hello Judy,

thanks for the tutorial : I should try it myself... I don't have all the product you use, but you are layering a lot of things, so maybe other product would work too.

Not instrumental, but my favorite CD for the moment in my creative room : Natalie Merchant with her double CD " leave your sleep".
I play it again and again and I'm still not tired of it... Gorgeous music : very versatile, funny lyric ( based on poems) and a perfect voice.
Search on itunes and listen to some songs to get an idea. A real must have !

greetings from Belgium

LindaCCC said...

Thank you for sharing. This is very beautiful. Thank you so much for the tutorial.