Wednesday, August 17, 2016

* the day we became the rain * a book of micropoetry by judy wood

My book of micropoetry is now available (500 very short poems).  Please contact me if interested (see blog post below for specifics).  I've had some lovely reviews by some of my favorite people and authors!  I've inspired a few friends and family members to begin writing micropoetry.  You can follow me on twitter @aztreasures or find me on Facebook!  My ten word micropoetry is being featured in an online art class beginning in August 2016.  I'd like to thank Ivy Newport for her encouragement! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Coffee Cozy

This is a simple DIY project using 12x12 scrapbook paper and an up cycled cup holder from your favorite coffee shop.  You can add seasonal papers or use generic paper for any occasion.  A coffee cozy makes a great gift for friends or even for your favorite barista!  (My favorite barista orders more from me because her daughter keeps taking hers to give to friends).

Unglue your cup holder and use as a pattern to cut paper to size.  I can get 4-5 cozy's from one 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper. Trace your pattern, cut paper to fit, then glue flat. Add a little glue on the end to recreate the 'circle', hold or clamp lightly and let dry. Add inks, glitter glue, stickers, lace, or ribbon to decorate.  ENJOY!

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