Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rose Petals


The ginger haired bride looks
stately and stunning
all dressed in white lace
The crowd stands
as she enters the room
I feel the music
and count my steps
as the aroma of roses and vanilla
fills the air
I softly drop
pink and white rose petals
and wait
Vows are spoken
in hushed tones
I stand so still
in my shiny white shoes
trying not to fidget
I look down at my basket
and see more petals
The music begins again
a joyful tune
It’s my time to shine
big brown eyes
effervescent smile
In one expressive moment
I toss hands full of petals
high in the air
The crowd of onlookers
giggles softly
I walk proudly to the door
turn and curtsey
as the bride winks, smiles
then kisses me
on the top of my head

Poem by Judy Wood Spring 2012

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