Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, this week I realized the alcohol inks might be causing my headaches, so I asked for permission to use the papers and techniques with watercolor instead of alcohol inks. Here are the results. I'll be sure to use my ceiling fans if I try the inks again.


Linda Ledbetter said...

Judy, it worked beautifully with the watercolors! I love this sweet card. This will make you laugh, I'm sure, but it reminds me of A Charlie Brown Christmas, when Charlie and Linus go looking for a tree. That's one of my favorite holiday references of all time!

Thanks for finding a way to make the technique work for you! I hope those nasty headaches go away very soon!

inge said...

Hello Judy,

your card works perfect with the watercolors !

Maybe these even give some more possibilities than the alcoholinks. With the alcoholinks you're limited to glossy paper.

I must give this technique a try with watercolors too, cause I really like the result !

greetings from belgium