Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wow... Even in AZ the seasons change so quickly! If you have time to venture out before dawn, you'll finally feel the change of seasons...

The last class I took with Mike at Mystic Paper was amazing, inspiring! I've collaborated with an angels artist in Maine and I'm using the new techniques I've learned to make boxes and boards! SO MUCH FUN!

Here it is, already the middle of November... If you're reading this, don't let THIS time pass you by, look forward to the holidays of course, but don't get caught up in it all, take time out for yourself, keep creating!

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Michael J & Lesley Fisher said...

You posted! I will add you to my links! The change in weather-or temp makes me so damn happy!This was a long hot summer! I will keep checking back-so you keep posting! Thx- Mike