Monday, September 4, 2017

Bella Grace Blog Hop

Do you ever have writers block or any creative block?
Here are some ways to overcome creative blocks.
Try another creative endeavor for a few days, here are a few suggestions;
                If you normally write articles, try writing an imaginative short story or poem.  Start a local interest blog and share with your friends on social media.
Make a shadow box out of nature items or found objects. Upcycle a tin or use an old drawer or small cereal box.
If you’re a painter, try sculpting!  If you love to draw, try knitting.  If you enjoy sewing, get involved with your community and make some lap blankets for a local children’s hospital or nursing home.
Take photos of mundane items around your house or neighborhood.  If you get a couple of good shots, share with friends or on social media.  Try using old photos to make a collage as a gift for a coworker or your favorite barista.
Put on some of your favorite music and dance.
Turn up iTunes/Pandora/Spotify and sing!
Play an instrument.  Most people have a few instruments in closets or cupboards, if you don’t have one, borrow one.
If you live in the city; take a long drive to the country to see new sights.  If you live in the country; visit the library / art center / museum in a town nearby.
If you’re always busy doing too much, find quiet time for yourself.  Read a favorite book from your childhood.  Go out to see the moon every evening or the stars early in the morning. 
If you love to bake, bake a little extra and deliver to neighbors or friends.
Host a ‘talent party’, have everyone bring finger foods to share.  Make this a yearly event.
Give yourself time to breathe.
Be kind.  Be creative.

Judy Wood
Mixed Media Artist / Poet

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